Diginomica – RichRelevance crafts recipe for ingesting big data

Analytics has always been the sexy bit of data management. That’s where the nuggets of insight are teased to the surfaced and millions made by understanding why diapers sell beer or who is newly pregnant or how to route a jet so it burns 25% less fuel. But, behind that, there has always been the grunt work of extracting data from multiple, disparate sources, cleansing it of partial or bogus records, transforming it into a consistent and usable format, and loading it into the target analytics engine.

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Le Monde – Comment notre ordinateur nous manipule

Tout a commencé avec une géniale invention, celle du cookie. Une simple ligne de code – par exemple MC1:UID = 6daa554691bd4 f9089dc9d92e5cdadf4 – déposée sur votre navigateur par les sites Web que vous visitez, et des publicités ciblées s’affichent sur votre écran. Read more

Social News Daily – Facebook Drives 3x More Social Shopping Sessions Than Polyvore, Study Finds

Facebook referral traffic grew 58.81 percent this year, and according to a new infographic, it drives 3x more social shopping sessions than the next closest social network.

RichRelevance, a company helping retailers with personalized shopping experiences, analyzed over 689 million online shopping sessions from January 1 to September 30.

Here were the findings:

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Online Media Daily – Facebook Leads Social Sites For Holiday Shopping

Social channels account for less than 1% of total shopping sessions, but of all the social sites connecting or leading consumers to goods and services, research shows that Facebook drives the most traffic, accounting for 60% of social sessions.

Facebook produces more than three times the number of social shopping sessions — about 4.31 million — compared with other social networks, such as Polyvore with 1.41 million sessions. It also produces 10 times the number of orders, according to RichRelevance data.

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Digiday – 15 Eye-Popping Stats About Social Shopping

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but that’s no matter. The holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier every year: Walmart is starting Black Friday on Thursday this fall – smack dab in the middle of turkey dinner.

In preparation for all of the holiday shopping buzz, we’ve collected 15 interesting facts and statistics about how social plays a role in people’s shopping habits. Whether it’s finding a cool, new product you never knew you needed on Pinterest or asking Facebook friends for purchasing tips, social networks, both established and up and coming, are helping drive both online and in-store purchases.

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Marketing Pilgrim – Facebook Leads Social Shopping Conversions but Polyvore Has Highest AOV

David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevancesays that social shopping accounts for less than 1% of the total online shopping sessions but hey, that’s still money in the bank, right? So, his company put together this lovely, holiday-themed infographic that shows how the top social shopping channels stack up.

The first thing you’ll notice when you review the panels is the inclusion of a site we don’t often talk about – Polyvore. This social site asks user to curate sets of products from a variety of online retailers. The example you see on the right is someone’s idea of a cool living room. Click on the objects and you get a detail page including the price and where to buy it. One more click and you’re on the site that sells it.

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