Sourcing Journal – From Digital to In-Store: Firing on All Cylinders to Serve Consumers

Although “clienteling” might have a number of definitions, and myriad paths to best achieve it, it really means connecting with customers so well on every channel that they want to keep coming back. It’s not a new concept. But in the digital age when it’s easier than ever to reach consumers, it’s important to employ technology that engages the shopper and connects them with the brand, while enhancing their in-store shopping experience.
“Major retail brands have been built on that personal interaction and personalization of commerce in store,” RichRelevance chief marketing officer Diane Kegley, said. “They would recognize shoppers from a previous visit or have a record of the type of merchandise they preferred. That occurred before the digital age. Now, digital has created another set of channels to recognize those markers through a consumer ID. It’s an extension of a store using big data, monitoring social feeds and being able to respond as if standing in front of that shopper, which makes the shopper feel closer to the brand.”

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