First Look at the New Relevance Cloud™

Today, we’re happy to announce that the Relevance Cloud is out of beta and available to all with the 15.02 release. This release introduces Build (API-based personalization building blocks) and delivers enhancements to our Recommend and Discover products, helping you to personalize every step of your customers’ purchase journey and setting you up for an exciting 2015!

Let’s start with Build. Build is an entirely new approach to personalization that uses the power of cloud APIs to give you real-time access to the building blocks of personalization: customer data, product data and contextual events. Not only are these APIs the foundation on which we have built our own applications, they also power some of the most innovative customer experiences for top retailers such as Marks and Spencers. Watch the webinar on how to reshape your CX using Build or download this white paper to learn more.


We have launched a terrific set of new features with this release:

  • Gain full view of the customer in real time through Profiles API.

  • Track every click, view, search and purchase as they happen through the Event Stream API.

  • Record your consumers’ likes and dislikes explicitly with the preference API.

  • Turn on product or search and browse personalization on any channel: web, mobile or store.

  • Preview “complete the look” or “compatible products” for Advanced Merchandising rules before deploying them.

  • Improve testing for coat-tailing rules with Discover.

Log in to your RichRelevance dashboard to read more details in the release notes.

Our improved DX for your enhanced CX

Developers know that it can be extremely frustrating to access complete and up-to-date documentation. It slows down the process of trying to figure out how to work on all the new, exciting features. However Jen Kollmer, our product documentation champ, has got you covered. Jen has single-handedly created a site dedicated to enhancing our developer experience, so that you can focus on innovating your customer experience.

Check it out at: Comment here on the blog if you would like to thank Jen or give her any ideas for improvement.

Constantly fine-tuning your personalization command center

Along with the Relevance Cloud release, we’ve made some critical changes to our dashboard so that features and functions are better organized around tasks, and you have a more streamlined and productive experience.

Finally, if you find it to be more productive, you can even customize our dashboard in Japanese!

Check out the full list of changes on our dashboard. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to

Introducing the new RichRelevance Dashboard

Personalization is what empowers retailers to create a 1-1 relationship with customers online. By tracking engagement and other KPIs, you can quickly take stock of how are you doing with those relationships.

The new RichRelevance dashboard is the perfect tool for putting richer reports with more data at your fingertips, so that you’re always in tune with your site personalization. The new dashboard pulls back the curtain to showcase your data in a more digestible, visually appealing way. When your reports are eye-friendly, organized and automated, you can assess the status and impact of your site personalization within minutes.

Here are three quick ways to dive into the dashboard.

1. Check and share the vitals

Our brand new Lookback Summary is a detailed tile band that displays an at-a-glance summary of your sales and recommendation metrics. You can configure the lookback period to be a day, week, month or any number of days up to 90. You can also click any tile to access an expanded view of the graph. Take a screenshot and share metrics with key stakeholders in just a few clicks!

Simulation Results

2. Track the value add

The Attributables Report tile is another new addition to help you track the impact of RichRelevance recommendations on your site–specifically through change in average order value (AOV) and items per order (IPO).

Simulation Results

3. Access more detailed data and then some

Other significant enhancements include the Page Type Performance tile, where you can view the performance of different metrics for various pages on your site, and the Viral Products tile, which displays the most viewed products and takes you to detailed Merchandising Reporting. Best of all, feature documentation can be accessed within the feature page itself.

Simulation Results

Try today
The new RichRelevance dashboard is designed to upgrade your experience and provide site health visualization, easy controls and usability improvements throughout. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to log in to your dashboard and play around. We believe that in order to provide you with more of the tools that you love, we need to work together. So, tell us what you’d like to see in the next set of improvements using the comments section below.