RichRelevance and OBASE enable superior online customer experience for Hepsiburada

Global leader in omnichannel personalization and software consulting pioneer realize first project together for

Istanbul, October 21, 2015 – has chosen RichRelevance as its personalization partner to enable a more enhanced online customer experience. Already a pioneer in adopting the advanced design and software technologies, has nor progressed its user-friendly experience through personalization. In partnership with OBASE, RichRelevance is facilitating and speeding the shopping journey on, by providing real-time, dynamic personalized recommendations.

At the recent Webrazzi Summit ’15, Özgür Doğan, Chief Marketing Officer, and David Ogidi, RichRelevance Europe Sales Director, shared best practice strategies retailers need to put in place in order to optimize the omnichannel shopping environment and improve customer experience.

Comments from Webrazzi Summit ’15

“Our latest move raised the bar in the ecommerce sector. Implementing RichRelevance enabled us to streamline and personalize our online shopping experience. The benefits of the new design were quickly apparent; the performance of increased significantly. We redesigned our site based on customer feedback. State-of-the-art technologies were utilized in this project, which was implemented using Agile methodology. Within the omnichannel shopping environment, customers are able to purchase products they have previously added to the basket from mobile devices using their tablets or desktop computers. As a pioneer in ecommerce, we always aim to exceed current needs so we also implemented our new Marketplace platform, which will accelerate our ability to meet evolving customer needs as the retail sector continues to transform.” — Özgür Doğan, Chief Marketing Officer

“Personalization is the most important strategic weapon for global companies. According to a customer experience report published by Gartner last year, by 2017, 89% of the marketing leaders will compete on the basis of customer experience. In this project, we considered the digital texture of’s customers to provide recommendations suitable to the online shopping environment in order to enhance the customer experience. Our future projects will aim to provide Turkish retail and ecommerce companies with a customer experience that is in line with consumer-oriented demands.” – David Ogidi, RichRelevance Europe Sales Director

* Gartner, Inc., “Gartner Survey Finds Importance of Customer Experience on the Rise — Marketing Is on the Hook”, by Jake Sorofman, Laura McLellan. Sept. 29, 2014.


Founded in 1995, OBASE is a pioneer software and consulting company in Turkey, specialized in the areas of “Scientific Retail Solutions” and “Analytic Solutions”. With its specialized team of Turkish experts, OBASE converts its customers’ data into business value through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouses, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B/B2C electronic business platforms, thereby assisting them in improving their efficiency. Breakthroughs implemented by OBASE for the retail industry in the area of analytic solutions are sought after in industries like telecommunication, transportation, finance, manufacturing, insurance, logistics, medical, textile, etc. Complementing its business partnerships with globally leading companies in the best manner with its R&D capabilities, OBASE provides solution and consulting services in 11 countries, to a customer portfolio comprising of more than 200 institutions of various scales. Proudly demonstrating its realized projects both in Turkey and throughout the world, OBASE’s goal is to reinforce the information-based management approach in institutions.

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