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Omnichannel personalisation solution enables fashion retailer to deliver a more relevant, meaningful and memorable experience to consumers across every channel

Paris, France – 9 December 2014 — RichRelevance®, the global leader in omnichannel personalisation, has been selected by French fashion brands, Daxon and Balsamik, to deliver highly authentic and tailored customer experiences on its web sites and via email campaigns. Using RichRelevance’s RichRecs recommendation solution, Daxon and Balsamik are tapping into real-time data to present tailored recommendations that help shoppers to quickly and easily find what they need.

Balsamik, a new brand created to complement Daxon, has reported an uplift of 3.5 per cent in revenue per session within months of the implementation of RichRecs. This performance was measured by the Balsamik team using a third-party AB testing solution. Using advanced personalisation tools, the fashion retailer has been able to dynamically up-sell and cross-sell merchandise to increase sales and average order value (AOV), while creating a more engaging overall experience for their customers. This is particularly important for a company that has undergone a major rebranding.

“We have been using RichRelevance to deliver personalised shopping experiences for our customers since 2013. When the company created the Balsamik brand earlier this year, our marketing and sales team faced the challenge of retaining existing customers whilst attracting new shoppers to our site against tough market competition,” said Eric Sarazin, Head of Marketing and Communication at Balsamik.

“One of the benefits of using RichRecs is its ability to fully automate merchandising. RichRelevance takes care of all the hard work so our staff can simply monitor performance without the need for technical and operational investment. This enables them to focus on sourcing the best product for our customers, and ensures recommendations across our website and email are highly tailored to each individual’s interests and shopping behaviour,” said Sarazin.

With RichRelevance, Balsamik has deployed an agile and highly profitable solution that automatically adapts to the seasonal trends and catalog evolution inherent to the apparel business. The solution offers integrated multivariate testing capabilities, with a new control panel to provide greater autonomy for the user. Based on its current success, Balsamik have requested RichRelevance’s local partner, Web Transition, to leverage further RichRelevance technologies in order to improve customer loyalty while attracting new customers.

“Following the successful launch of, we are working closely with their web team to expand their personalisation capabilities to match shoppers with clothing and styles tailored to individual body shapes,” said Nicklas Larsson, EMEA Managing Director of RichRelevance. “Balsamik is leading the way in French fashion with new digital channels, and we’re excited to be part of the journey to create engaging and memorable experiences for the consumer as the brand continues to flourish.”

RichRelevance’s integrated product suite and proven, real-time infrastructure are built from the ground up to help retailers and brands improve shopping for their customers. The company was recently named the #1 most influential vendor in personalisation by Internet Retailer magazine for the second year in a row. Its leadership and core team were responsible for key technology developments at Amazon, Overstock, PayPal, eBay and Yahoo!, and brings an unprecedented understanding of the complexities and challenges of omnichannel retail today.

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