Komplett Taps RichRelevance For Omnichannel Personalisation

Omnichannel personalisation solution enables consumer electronics retailer to deliver a more relevant, meaningful and memorable experience to consumers across every channel

San Francisco, CA – May 15, 2014 — RichRelevance®, the global leader in omnichannel personalisation, today announced that it has been selected by Komplett to deliver highly unique and customisable experiences for shoppers at every touchpoint. With RichRelevance, the consumer electronics retailer can tap into real-time data and provide tailored recommendations to help shoppers find what they need—quickly and easily—as they shop online.

Komplett will implement RichRelevance’s RichRecs and RichPromo solutions to deliver shopper-specific product recommendations and promotions. With RichRecs, Komplett will be able to dynamically up-sell and cross-sell merchandise to increase sales and average order value (AOV), while creating a more engaging overall experience for consumers. In addition, Komplett is using RichPromo to customise its web content, including daily deals and smart cart recommendations, to optimise the shopper’s browsing experience.

Nicklas Larsson, EMEA Managing Director for RichRelevance says:

“The consumer electronics market is highly competitive and shoppers are always on the look out for better deals from a competitor site. Retailers need to be able to recommend the right product at a time that the customer needs it most. This will improve brand loyalty and also increase return visits. With advanced personalisation technology, Komplett now has a better understanding of the shopper’s behaviour, and the ability to adapt web content to help the customer find what they need quickly and easily.”

RichRelevance’s integrated product suite and proven, real-time infrastructure are built from the ground up to help retailers and brands improve shopping for their customers. The company was recently named the #1 most influential vendor in personalisation by Internet Retailer magazine for the second year in a row. Its leadership and core team were responsible for key technology developments at Amazon, Overstock, PayPal, eBay and Yahoo!, and bring an unprecedented understanding of the complexities and challenges of omnichannel retail today.

For more information on RichRelevance solutions, please visit: https://richrelevance.com/solutions/technology/.

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