Find™ The Only Personalized Commerce Search Engine Using Three Layer Personalization (3LP)

Personalization is often synonymized with relevance, and relevance is delivered effectively when there is an understanding of the context of a situation. At a very granular level, context as it is related to Commerce Search is derived from understanding who the user is, what the user is communicating, and in what channel the user is communicating their message. It is the ability to understand who an individual is and the context in which they are searching. It is knowing what he or she is searching for, on what device and most importantly how successful their search was. Without this understanding, Search query results often fall flat, lack relevance and disappoint users.

To enhance the user experience, drive clicks, conversion and ultimately customer satisfaction RichRelevance has created a Commerce Search solution that considers context and incorporates three layers of personalization.

RichRelevance Find™ is an innovative new Commerce Search solution that applies personalization at indexing, query time and at the dashboard level so shoppers receive more relevant results – in real-time. Find develops comprehensive affinity models for every product subcategory, product attribute and shopper. Then Find automatically manages how much personalization is applied as shoppers interact to get the most relevant products in real time.

This cautious and finessed type of personalization can only be accomplished by incorporating various levels or layers of personalization at different points in the Search functionality. With 3LP results are highly curated and personalized when appropriate and lightly peppered with personalization when catalog browsing is deemed more suitable.
RichRelevance Find™ delivers unmatched personalization for every Commerce Search experience by deploying 3LP into every query for every shopper, anonymous or recognized.

To learn more about the Three Layers of Personalization and how they enhance the customer experience please read our brief: Find™ The Only Personalized Commerce Search Engine Using Three Layers of Personalization.


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This post was written by Eduardo Sanchez

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A global technology veteran, Eduardo Sanchez brings more than 25 years of strategic and technical leadership in data, cloud, mobile, social and enterprise technologies to RichRelevance. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President, Strategic Development at MicroStrategy, where he was an early member of the leadership team and played a critical role in the development of the company, spearheading its foray into new lines of business and international expansion. Previously, he was COO at Paris-based Cartesis (acquired by Business Objects in 2007) and EVP of Global Sales at Lawson Software (acquired by Infor in 2011).As CEO, Eduardo is responsible for the daily operation of the company – including engineering, data science, cloud infrastructure, product management, marketing, sales, services and partnerships – and will play a key role in driving continued growth and global expansion as RichRelevance evolves its personalization for commerce across its customer and prospect base of leading retailers and brands.Eduardo received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of La Plata in Argentina and a M.S. in Systems Engineering from George Mason University in Virginia.
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