TTS Group Gets Personal on ‘Back to School’ Products

Data-driven recommendation technology delivers highly personalised customer experience 

Reading, UK – 8 September 2015– RichRelevance®, the global leader in omnichannel personalisation, has been selected by TTS Group to deliver highly unique and customisable experiences for busy parents and teachers. The educational retailer uses Recommend™ to curate unique shopping journeys based on real-time customer behaviour on the website.

TTS has a vast catalogue of products from teaching materials to stationery and furniture that cater for different age groups ranging from early years through to primary and secondary schools. With RichRelevance’s Recommend solution, customers are quickly directed to the product pages based on related items they are browsing. Since the implementation, TTS has seen an increase in sales and repeat customer visits.

“We have seen huge success since partnering with RichRelevance. In the first month of implementation, we saw a significant increase in sales on products that were personally recommended to our customers,” said Jon Vasey, Head of eCommerce at TTS Group.

“Children grow up quickly and the products that our customers purchase may change significantly from month to month. Using RichRelevance’s Recommend solution, we can target product recommendations for different age groups that match our customers’ immediate needs.”

Personalised recommendations for each customer are formulated based on their previous searches, views on the website, purchase history, and peers’ shopping preferences.

Since the implementation, TTS has seen a significant increase in average order value, and engagement levels with recommended products have had an increase of 9 per cent click through on products that have been recommended to valued customers.

“TTS came to us having seen the success of our personalisation solution being implemented by major retailers,” said Matthieu Chouard, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA, RichRelevance. “TTS is home to innovative, educational resources with a vast catalogue of products to choose from. The online shopping website has an established UK presence, with ambitious plans to scale the business. We are excited to be part of the journey to deliver more valuable shopping experiences for TTS’ customers and improve their bottom line as a result.”

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