Petit Bateau selects RichRelevance to personalise the customer experience in five countries

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Premier French brand Petit Bateau relies on RichRelevance to provide an online shopping experience in line with the high quality of its children’s apparel line

Paris, France – September 1, 2015 – RichRelevance®, the world leader in omnichannel customization, has been selected by Petit Bateau to provide a superior customer experience across its online properties in five countries: France, UK, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Online visitors in these countries engage with personalised recommendations on the home, category, search results, item, add-to-cart and cart pages on Petit Bateau. Personalisation has become not only an organisational initiative, but also a key approach to improving brand perception among clients.

In the months following the implementation of RichRelevance’s Recommend™ solution, Petit Bateau has tripled its sales attributable to recommendations. Similarly, the recommendation module on the add-to-cart page has seen an impressive 18% clickthrough rate, in spite of its typical position at the end of the customer purchase process.

“RichRelevance put forth a proposal that was well beyond our initial target, with a much broader offering. Although we were looking for a basic recommendation solution at first, we soon realised that we could be more ambitious and extend our scope of personalization,” said Christel Hennion, Marketing and Digital Director for Petit Bateau.

RichRelevance solutions enable Petit Bateau to deliver a more engaging shopping experience for its loyal clients, who most frequently use recommendations to navigate the website. User behaviour analysis has shown that loyal customers viewed three times more products and bought twice as much as other clients.

Because the majority of clients visiting the Petit Bateau sites may not know exactly which products they want, Recommend offers product suggestions and alternatives. Each year, Petit Bateau releases more than 2000 products and RichRelevance allows customers to navigate easily through new collections to quickly and intuitively find the products they want.

“Petit Bateau represents the gold standard in the field of fashion. We are very proud to partner with a globally recognised brand, and to partner with their teams to innovate in personalisation so that their customers are exposed to a maximum range of relevant products, “said Matthieu Chouard, VP and General Manager of EMEA, RichRelevance.

RichRelevance solutions are designed specifically for retailers and brands to improve their customers’ online shopping experience. Key members of the RichRelevance management team were responsible for technological developments at Amazon, Overstock and Walmart Labs, bringing an unmatched understanding of the complexities and challenges of omnichannel retailing to clients.

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