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Leading omnichannel personalization provider wins new customer in Germany

Munich – 13 October 2014 – RichRelevance, the global leader in omnichannel personalization, announced its partnership with Viking Germany, to personalize its online shop Since 1995, Viking has been a leading provider of office supplies, focusing its offerings on small and medium-sized businesses, as well as freelancers.

Viking is a subsidiary of the Office Depot Group, which operates in 57 countries and is headquartered in the United States. Office Depot has used personalization solutions from RichRelevance since March 2010. Based on this success, Office Depot decided to implement RichRecs for its German subsidiary Viking. The array of products at Viking is widespread: from office furniture to printers and storage media to paper and toner. Viking decided to use RichRecs to personalize its online store, in order to help customers find exactly what they need, amidst a wide spectrum of office products.

RichRecs is a SaaS-based personalization solution designed exclusively for retailers. Based on the enRICH personalization engine, RichRecs leverages over 125 algorithms and relevant real-time data based on visitors’ click stream, to personalize product recommendations. The solution responds immediately to changes in user behaviour. The quality of customer recommendations is continually optimized as product choice and buying behaviour of other consumers are considered.

“We rely on RichRecs for two reasons: to improve our customers’ shopping experience by specifically suggesting products they could be interested in, and to ensure that our large product portfolio is exposed and considered during the search process, thereby increasing our up-sell and cross-sell opportunities,” said Sofie Staes, Manager of E-Commerce Operations for Benelux, Germany, Austria & Switzerland at Viking Direct.

Theo Khoja, Regional Director DACH at RichRelevance, added: “We are delighted to advise and support the Viking team by personalizing their online stores. Viking not only establishes a foothold for our expanding business in Germany, it demonstrates that omnichannel personalization is on the agenda of many retailers.”

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