RichRelevance Announces Promotions Across Technical Team to Accelerate Data-Driven Success for Brands and Retailers

Promotions across technical team enable RichRelevance to better serve key customers 

San Francisco, CA – Nov. 15, 2013 –– RichRelevance®, the global leader in omni-channel personalization, today announced the promotion of two key members of its technical team: Tyler Kohn has been named Chief Technical Officer and Mike DeCourcey has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering. These promotions bolster RichRelevance’s technical leadership as more and more retailers and brands turn to the company to derive value from terabytes of data across all channels.

RichRelevance’s technology and infrastructure enable it to collect and manage a massive amount of real-time data, including user behavior, catalog data, inventory status, and trends combined with historical user and product information, and has delivered over $10 billion in attributable sales to its clients, which include Target, Marks & Spencer and Priceminister. As the company grows to support the scale of global retail, technical talent will continue to set the company apart and provide value to its customers.

“RichRelevance drives more than one billion interactions with shoppers globally every day, and our talent is paramount to both the success of our business and the value we provide to our customers,” said David Selinger, co-founder and CEO of RichRelevance. “Through these appointments, we are continuing to align our top talent to most effectively bring the very best of our technology, platform and business together to serve our customers. I am thrilled to announce these promotions and look forward to Tyler and Mike’s continued impact.”

The promotions augment technical leadership in RichRelevance’s executive and engineering teams, while creating new leadership structures to ensure that RichRelevance technology continues to innovate and excel.

Tyler Kohn, Chief Technology Officer: As RichRelevance’s CTO, Kohn is responsible for product, engineering, operations, and data science to accelerate market and technical leadership. With over 15 years of technical leadership experience, he leads a global team of over 70 technologists in the continued development and innovation of the company’s big data infrastructure, and has pioneered his team’s prominent position in high-performance and distributed computing through conferences, Meet Ups, white papers and contributions to leading open source projects.

Mike DeCourcey, VP of Engineering: DeCourcey is responsible for the strategic planning, technical direction and guidance of the company’s suite of personalization solutions as Vice President of Engineering.  During his time at RichRelevance, his role has grown within the engineering organization from individual contributor to team lead, director, and now VP of Engineering. DeCourcey brings a wealth of expertise to this role, with over 15 years of operational, project management and technology leadership experience from RichRelevance, as well as from previous engineering roles at Plumtree Software, BEA Systems and Fortis Forge. 

About RichRelevance
RichRelevance is the global leader in personalization for the world’s largest retailers and brands. More than 160 international companies use RichRelevance to turn data into actionable insight, which delivers the most relevant experience for consumers as they shop across web, store and mobile.  RichRelevance drives more than one billion decisions every day, and has delivered over $10 billion in attributable sales to its clients, which include Target, Marks & Spencer and Priceminister.  RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco and serves clients in 40 countries from 10 offices around the globe.  For more information, please visit

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RichRelevance is the global leader in experience personalization, driving digital growth and brand loyalty for more than 200 of the world’s largest B2C and B2B brands and retailers. The company leverages advanced AI technologies to bridge the experience gap between marketing and commerce to help digital marketing leaders stage memorable experiences that speak to individuals – at scale, in real time, and across the customer lifecycle. Headquartered in San Francisco, RichRelevance serves clients in 42 countries from 9 offices around the globe.
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