RichRelevance wins Innovative Technology of the Year in the Marketing Innovation Awards 2012

Prestigious award recognises leading personalisation provider for delivering innovation, imagination and uniqueness in its approach to e-commerce

READING, UK –March 14, 2012 – RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic personalisation for the world’s largest retailers and brands, has won the 2012 award for Innovative Technology at the prestigious Marketing Innovation Awards, held at MI EXPO in London and hosted by leading digital training network, The Knowledge Engineers. The Awards, now in their second year, recognise the most innovative brands, agencies and technologies which are set to shape the industry for the coming year.

The Innovation Council judged the Awards and was comprised of high profile and respected industry experts from companies such as YouTube, the Internet Advertising Bureau, Viadeo and Interactive Services. Winners were judged on the following criteria: concept of innovation, imagination and uniqueness, commercial feasibility, market perception and achieved results.

“RichRelevance deservedly won the Innovative Technology category; their fantastic personalisation engine means online shoppers not only have a better experience but tend to spend more online as a result”, said Niall Mckinney, Founder & CEO, The Knowledge Engineers.

Founded and led by David Selinger, the e-commerce expert who helped pioneer personalisation at, RichRelevance delivers in excess of 350 million recommendations to online shoppers each day.

RichRelevance’s Shopping Media, a revolutionary new approach to personalised advertising, now complements its existing e-commerce personalisation strategies, allowing brands to message to shoppers when it matters most on premium retail sites.

Shopping Media is centred on the idea that leading retail sites attract millions of consumers each month, which presents a huge opportunity for brand advertisers who want to engage consumers at the moment of greatest purchase intent. Adverts are then delivered to customers via the enRICH Personalisation Engine, a state-of-the-art platform for the next generation of e-commerce.

enRICH simultaneously deploys segmentation, product similarity, ensemble learning, and collaborative filtering to deliver a superior personalised user experience on a retailer’s website. It enables retailers to integrate data from offline transactions with existing data on individual and group behaviour in order to deliver more relevant recommendation types. As a result, the context and message of the adverts are directly relevant to the shopper’s goals and behaviour, enhancing the purchase process and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

RichRelevance has delivered more than £2 billion in attributable sales for its clients to date, and is accelerating these results with Shopping Media. By combining the best of highly relevant advertising with the reach and scale of the world’s largest retail sites, Shopping Media drives brand engagement and sales while delivering a new revenue stream for retailers. Leading retailers have seen a measurable increase of 60-100% in sales lift for the advertised brand’s products as a result of Shopping Media campaigns on their sites.

“We are delighted that Shopping Media has won the Innovative Technology of the Year award,” said Darren Hitchcock, VP of UK and European Territories. “The award is testament to our success and proves our commitment to our clients to provide them with real actionable insight into the customer’s online shopping experience”.

About RichRelevance
RichRelevance powers personalised shopping experiences for the world’s largest and most innovative retail brands, including Walmart, Sears, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and others. Founded and led by the e-commerce expert who helped pioneer personalisation at, RichRelevance helps retailers increase sales and effectively monetise site traffic by providing the most relevant products, content and offers to shoppers regardless of the channel in which they are shopping. RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Seattle, Boston and London. For more information, please visit

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RichRelevance is the global leader in experience personalization, driving digital growth and brand loyalty for more than 200 of the world’s largest B2C and B2B brands and retailers. The company leverages advanced AI technologies to bridge the experience gap between marketing and commerce to help digital marketing leaders stage memorable experiences that speak to individuals – at scale, in real time, and across the customer lifecycle. Headquartered in San Francisco, RichRelevance serves clients in 42 countries from 9 offices around the globe.
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