For us, “It’s Personal”: creating a ubiquitous personalization fabric

Rick FawcettToday, we are introducing RichRelevance’s new communications platform, “It’s Personal.” I love this phrase because it captures the essence of our business in so many ways.  “It’s Personal!” represents our attitude, the value our retail customers want to deliver to their customers and our biggest market and technology differentiator.  Two words, so many meanings.

The “It’s Personal” Attitude – RichRelevance doesn’t merely sell our technology to a retailer and move on to the next sales prospect. We employ an extensive team of Relationship Managers and engineers focused solely on improving our customers’ use of our technology. Their job is to enable each retailer to maximize competitive differentiation, while optimizing their relationship with customers. While metrics drive our analysis and results assessments, our Relationship Managers plug into the emotional connection (read: brand value) the retailer endeavors to create with customers, and then adjusts our technology to deepen this relationship. Succeeding in this effort requires empathy—a trait not often found in software companies. We believe we are succeeding, and our market-leading customer retention rate is a testimonial to this achievement. Our customers’ success is our success; thereby,“It’s Personal” is not an option. It is the key to the success of our customers, and in turn, RichRelevance.

The “It’s Personal” Value Proposition Our Retail Partners Embrace – It would be a disaster if each retailer that deployed RichRelevance’s personalization technology presented an identical user experience. Walmart, Target and Office Depot have spent decades building their brands to create unique value propositions that attract and retain consumers. Personalization technology must be applied in a way that amplifies each retailer’s brand and value without diluting its value proposition. RichRelevance built the widest range of merchandising controls, multi-variate testing capabilities, reporting tools and data feed management methods to empower retailers to maximize their brand power. Our retail partners agree RichRelevance technology empowers them to deepen their consumer relationships in their own unique ways better than anyone else on the market.

The “It’s Personal” Technology – For some reason, many people use the terms “personalization” and “recommendations” interchangeably. Personalization is a huge concept, while recommendations represent just one limited aspect of personalization. When a sales associate asks a returning customer how they are enjoying a recent purchase, that’s personalization. When a person walks into a restaurant and the hostess welcomes them by name, that’s personalization. When a website recognizes a consumer and suggests very specific content, promotions, advertisements and products, that’s personalization. While they produce tremendous value for our customers, it’s important to keep in mind that product recommendations represent just a single dimension of personalization. RichRelevance has the broadest suite of personalization functionality on the market, and is tireless in innovating additional functionality through its retail-centric platform to encompass not just products but content, promotions and brand advertising. The “It’s Personal” phrase captures RichRelevance’s greatest market differentiator—the market’s largest and most integrated personalization product suite.

Some of the greatest  phrases or taglines in business successfully capture the emotional spirit of a company.  Apple’s “Think Different”, FedEx’s “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” and New York City’s “I Love New York” are all great examples.  I am thrilled for RichRelevance to embrace “It’s Personal,” as it embodies the attitude of every person at RichRelevance, the reason why our customers choose RichRelevance and a summation of our technology and market advantages.

“It’s Personal.”  Damn straight, it is to us!

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