Data Drives Relevance: CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell is Now Powered by RichRelevance

David SelingerToday we announced a partnership with CNET, the authority on technology and consumer-electronics products. Although most of you have probably used for product reviews or tech news, you may not know that CNET also aggregates data on more than five million products: specs, key selling features, compatibilities, and so on. Moreover, a small group in CNET built a unique recommendations technology, Intelligent Cross-Sell, specialized for this type of data. Flying way under the radar, they acquired some major customers and were delivering serious value.

So, when we had the chance to do a deal with CNET, we did. Intelligent Cross-Sell is now part of RichRelevance’s product line, and you’ll see CNET’s data having an impact on our other products as well.

With Intelligent Cross-Sell’s customers, RichRelevance now serves seven of the top ten retail chains as measured by Internet Retailer. And with CNET’s data and technology, we have a personalization turbocharger for e-commerce sites selling tech, consumer electronics, and office products. When you consider that 17 of the Internet Retailer top 20 sell these categories, we are pleased to super-serve them.

We can do so with compatibility data and rules that know which products work together, ready to go for customers from day one. We can automatically explain a recommendation by comparing product attributes—for example, “Bigger screen, higher resolution, only $50 more. ” These and other CNET-enabled capabilities are now available in addition to what our industry-leading products already do.

To boil this down to a final thought, data drives relevance. CNET’s data, and the Intelligent Cross-Sell technology they built on it, adds a new and unique layer to what RichRelevance can do. That’s why this matters. To learn more, see our new CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell Powered by RichRelevance page, or contact us.

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