RichRelevance Chief Scientist to Present on RecLab Project at CaRR 2011

Darren Vengroff to detail RichRelevance’s new open source project designed to spur innovation in retail personalization at top recommender conference of the year

San Francisco, CA – Feb. 9, 2011 –– RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic e-commerce personalization for the world’s largest retailers, today announced that Chief Scientist, Darren Vengroff, has been selected to speak at IUI2011 Workshop on Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation (CaRR) on February 13 in Palo Alto, California. Vengroff will debut his peer-reviewed paper entitled “RecLab: A System For eCommerce Recommender Research with Real Data, Context and Feedback” at a 12:30 pm PST general session open to all conference attendees. The paper will discuss how RecLab, a new open source project headed by Vengroff, enables academics, researchers and developers to dynamically test and validate their recommendation algorithms in a live e-commerce environment to spur industry innovation. Following the presentation, the paper will available for download from the ACM Digital Library.

“Context is a hot topic in recommender systems these days, and justifiably so,” said Vengroff. “What we recommend to a shopper in one context, such as when they are browsing, can and should be very different than what we recommend once they have already chosen an item and are on the shopping cart page. RecLab supplies a wide variety of context information, in the form of where users are on the site, where they have been in the past, what they have searched for and purchased, to how they reacted to past recommendations, just to name a few. CaRR 2011 offers an exciting opportunity to formally introduce RecLab to the research community.”

The CaRR Workshop attracts leading researchers and academics from around the globe. The conference aims to involve the recommendations community in an active discussion in order to find new, creative ways to handle context-awareness. The workshop is especially intended for researchers working on multidisciplinary tasks who want to discuss problems and synergies. For more information on the program and for further details, please visit:

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