RichRelevance and Endeca to Host Inaugural Ecommerce Analytics Roundtable Featuring Retail Anthropologist Paco Underhill

Exclusive event will connect marketing and analytics professionals in an open dialogue on the opportunities and challenges facing their organizations and the industry

San Francisco – September 21, 2009 – RichRelevance™, the leading provider of next-generation personalization and product recommendation tools for enterprise-class eCommerce sites, in partnership with Endeca, the search applications company, today announced the first Ecommerce Analytics Roundtable at the W Hotel in San Francisco on September 30, 2009. The roundtable is designed to generate an open dialogue among marketing and analytics peers on the specific opportunities and challenges they face as pioneers in online commerce.

The event will feature a keynote from Paco Underhill, founder and CEO of Envirosell and author of the best-selling book, “Why We Buy,” immediately followed by an open discussion of key topics ranging from managing executive expectations through addressing the disconnect between online and offline analytics.

Retailers have amassed enormous amounts of data on shopping behavior that can be used to drive business decisions,” said Underhill. “Now the time has come to shift away from focusing on strategy to recognizing the tactics that drive sales, loyalty and satisfaction. I commend RichRelevance and Endeca for presenting a forum to facilitate the exchange of the specific tactics that underpin the success of the world’s largest retailers.”

Participation in the inaugural Ecommerce Analytics Roundtable is limited to 30 business professionals who are senior members of their company’s marketing and analytics team. For practitioners outside of the Bay Area, RichRelevance is planning a series of quarterly Ecommerce Analytics Roundtables across the country. For more information or to register for the September 30 event, please visit

“The Ecommerce Analytics Roundtable is a forum for marketing and analytics professionals to talk about the realities of their jobs, the expectations that they face, and the innovations that help them succeed,” said RichRelevance Founder and CEO, David Selinger. “We’re very excited to provide a place where these conversations can take root and grow into a larger body of knowledge. Paco’s insights provide a great starting point for discussion, and we anticipate a memorable event for all involved.”

“We appreciate the unique opportunity to convene a renowned industry thought leader such as Paco Underhill, with marketing and analytics experts from the front lines of e-commerce,” said John Andrews, Vice President, Solutions Marketing & Product Management, Endeca. “We expect this forum to generate many innovative ideas for shaping the customer experience and managing the demands of this holiday season.”

About RichRelevance RichRelevance is the leading provider of next-generation personalization and product recommendation tools for enterprise-class eCommerce sites, including, and The company’s suite of SaaS-based offerings, including RichRecs™, RichMail™, and MyRecs™, are easily integrated and drive a range of key performance indicators by enhancing the entire shopping lifecycle, from interception through engagement to re-interception. Built on the enRICH™ platform, RichRelevance products offer robust merchandiser control and employ over 40 different recommendation types with cross-placement optimization and a closed-feedback loop to display relevant, clearly-explained product recommendations. Founded and led by the former head of Amazon’s Personalization R&D team, RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco.

About Endeca Endeca is a leading provider of search applications. Search applications built on Endeca’s technology deliver the clearest visibility into information, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and increased revenue for our customers. Powering these solutions is Endeca’s Information Access Platform, a major enterprise search innovation based on a fundamentally new architecture for building high-ROI applications that let users access any data from anywhere any way they need it. With this improved information visibility, customers make better choices, and employees better decisions. More than 250 million end users around the world access information through Endeca solutions, which are in use at more than 600 leading organizations including: ABN AMRO, Boeing, Cox Newspapers, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hyatt, IBM, John Deere, the Library of Congress, Texas Instruments, and

About Envirosell Envirosell is the premier consumer behavior research and consulting agency for commercial environments, integrating analysis of layout, merchandising and operations. Envirosell has 25 years of experience conducting in-store research for major consumer product manufacturers, retailers, banks, restaurants and design agencies, with a client list that includes almost half of the Fortune 500 list.

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