This Holiday, Sell in the Moment

“As retailers head into what looks to be one of the most challenging holiday seasons on record, many have high hopes that top sellers will drive sales. But promoting “mega trends” like the Tickle Me Elmo or iPod of past holiday seasons won’t necessarily be the best way to drive sales this year, as many cash-strapped consumers forgo big-ticket items for smaller, less expensive gifts. Instead, retailers should take advantage of the technology tools available to them to hone in on the “micro trends” of the season.”

That’s just a short excerpt from my article published today in: 1to1 Media – “This Holiday, Sell in the Moment”

Random piece of trivia: While I am emphasizing micro trends in this article, I just wanted to briefly point out this year’s Tickle Me Elmo is none other than Barack Obama (a $12.95 action figure that is).


Dave Selinger

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