RichRelevance announces ‘The Future of Shopping’ event with Best-selling Author and Retail Expert, Paco Underhill

Britain’s largest retailers to converge to share best practices in the rapidly changing omni-channel commerce sector

Reading, UK — 23 May 2012 — RichRelevance®, leading provider of dynamic personalisation for the world’s largest retailers and brands, today announced ’The Future of Shopping’, a three-city roadshow beginning in London on 30th May and culminating in the San Francisco Bay Area in California in September. Featuring David Selinger, former head of Amazon’s personalisation practice and CEO of RichRelevance, and Paco Underhill, retail expert and best-selling author of the books Why We Buy, Call of the Mall and What Women Want, the programme will delve into the convergence of consumer demand with the advancement of mobile technologies and social media applications, and the profound impact this has had on retailing and branding.

This invitation-only event will arm marketers and e-commerce professionals with the data, insight, and best practices they need to successfully integrate online, offline, and mobile channels to create a customer-centric user experience. Panel discussions will be held, including speakers Christine Bardwell, Research Manager at IDC Retail Insights EMEA and Matthew Tod, Partner at PwC’s Logan Tod Digital Analytics and Optimisation division. Attendees will benefit from an energetic programme full of practical information and take-aways, including a look at how to leverage existing assets to maximise the customer experience and an insight into who is succeeding and who has an opportunity to improve. The programme includes:

  • Sharing best practices from leading retailers and brands around the world that are innovating in the new “omni-channel” retail and branding environment
  • Turning ‘big data’ into ‘smart data’ to develop key insights to drive the strategy and tactics for the future of your retail establishment and brand in shopping
  • How to cultivate a brand that uses local, sustainable and community-nurturing practices that the new customer environment demands
  • New ways to remain competitive with online-only retailers and serve customers by leveraging the advantage of the physical store
  • Understanding how women are becoming the most important segment for the future of your business

“Technology for technology’s sake is a dangerous road for retailers and brands to travel.  The temptations are great given the plethora of tools, widgets and apps that have been presented to marketers lately,” said Paco Underhill, CEO of Envirosell. “Our goal with ‘The Future of Shopping’ is to construct a clear and viable path to utilise these innovations to create customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately profits in this highly competitive market.”

“Retailers today have more data and insight about their customers than ever before, but unless they know how to translate that data into a better understanding of their customers and use that understanding to drive strategy, the data will be meaningless,” said David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance. “During ‘The Future of Shopping’, we will show attendees how to use data to enrich the customer experience and create a more engaging and successful omni-channel experience.”

About Envirosell
Founded by Paco Underhill, Envirosell is the premier consumer behavior research and consulting agency for commercial environments, integrating analysis of layout, merchandising and operations. With 25 years of experience conducting in-store research for major consumer product manufacturers, retailers, banks, restaurants and design agencies, Envirosell boasts a client list that includes almost half of the Fortune 50 list. To each project Envirosell brings internationally recognised experience and unmatched processing skills, understanding the dynamics of shopping behavior and the factors that impact the customer experience as well as the actual purchase decision. Envirosell is based in New York with offices in London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, Milan, Mexico City, São Paulo and Bangalore.

About RichRelevance
Over 350 million times per day, RichRelevance is powering the personalised shopping experiences for consumers shopping the world’s largest and most innovative retail brands like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Walmart, Sears and Target. Founded and led by the e-commerce expert who helped pioneer personalisation at, RichRelevance helps retailers increase sales and customer engagement by recommending the most relevant products to consumers regardless of the channel they are shopping. RichRelevance has delivered more than $5 Billion in attributable sales for its retail clients to date, and is accelerating these results with the introduction of a new form of digital advertising called Shopping Media which allows manufacturers to engage consumers where it matters most—in the digital aisles on the largest retail sites in world. RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in London, New York, Seattle and Boston. For more information, please visit

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