Another Pillar of the Shopping Experience – Personalized!

I’m proud to announce that RichRelevance took another leap ahead today in bringing dynamic personalization to retail, this time focusing on promotions with the introduction of RichPromo™.  RichPromo moves us one step closer to our vision for retail of  optimizing every pixel on an e-commerce site, creating a truly dynamic shopping aisle for every customer.

RichPromo targets promotional campaigns to each individual shopper thanks to the intelligence of the enRICH platform, and leveraging the same single site integration that begins when we introduce our personalized product recommendations, RichRecs™ to the site.    We call this a “segment of one” – which is a way to describe shoppers who will find each campaign relevant, and the platform does the rest.  RichPromo watches for affinities shoppers express to specific categories, brands and even product attributes, to select the most relevant promotion available.

Our testing shows that campaigns personalized with RichPromo provide a 4x increase to sales when compared to manually merchandised promotions.  As we continue to integrate this new product into our client base we’ll be sure to share success stories and best practices from these learnings.

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