Advertisers – Where Are Your Most Valuable Customers?

Jake BaileyLet’s cut straight to the point, even though digital ad targeting has become significantly more advanced over the past few years, brand advertisers have significantly less clarity into the tools that help them reach and communicate with their most important consumers: those who are active and in-market for their particular product or brand. So, not only do brands have to deal with the fact that there are a number of entirely new marketing channels, they also have to deal with ad offerings that are confusing the market about whether or not they’re maximizing their advertising ROI. With that said, it’s no wonder to me that ad spend is still out of whack, and is largely being spent on TV. If we can’t provide the right mechanisms in the digital world, then brands will miss out on the huge opportunity to define, locate, and empower their most important customers.

We released a white paper today to help brands with this battle. Retailers sit at the center of facilitating this next digital advertising revolution, and the results we’ve seen thus far speak for themselves. This paper speaks to the WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW to connect with consumers, bringing them that much closer to establishing an effective targeted campaign that delivers results, but without wasting budget on unnecessary ad impressions. Every ad impression counts, and it’s the ad industry’s duty to ensure brand advertisers get the greatest return on money spent.

Give the paper a read, and take some time to consider the following: As long as there’s e-commerce, personalized brand advertising within the context of the retail environment is the most powerful, relevant method to effectively target your preferred audience.

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This post was written by Jake Bailey

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As VP of Product Marketing and Solutions, Jake is responsible for identifying, assessing, and building new markets, and driving product and technology innovations for our retail and brand partners. A recognized thought leader in e-Commerce, Jake joined RichRelevance in 2009, and was tasked with building RichRelevance’s Shopping Media platform, which now delivers personalized advertising on some of the world's largest retail websites, empowering these retailers to become premium advertising publishers. To view Jake's full profile, click here.
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