3M leverages Shopping Media to build brand experiences within retail

Raj Rao, of 3M, a brand advertising client of ours and a true thought leader in the marketing & advertising world recently wrote an article featured on Forbes.com about his experience with Shopping Media. Raj and his team at 3M are really pushing the envelope of innovation in digital marketing, utilizing our Shopping Media offerings on Walmart, Sears and Target.com that showcases brand creative in new ways and gain insights about shopping behavior as never before. You can read the article in it’s entirety here, but I believe the most poignant extract is Raj’s point of view herein:

“Nearly half of shoppers who begin their search on retail sites make a purchase in the physical store, while 40% transact online. Pew Research found that 87% of college grads and 88% of those earning $75,000 or more each year head online to research products or services.

These numbers are a wake-up call. We[manufacturers] are used to thinking of retailers as fellow marketers who spend billions on Facebook, Google, and agencies. The truth is that they’re also premium publishers who are looking to partner with us to build distinctive brand experiences to influence shoppers and maximize sales conversion.” – Raj Rao, 3M Global Director for Digital Marketing & eCommerce

RichRelevance has been able to partner with 3M over the past year to develop some really innovative media programs which exemplify the ultimate win-win-win:
– The consumer: Gets great, thoughtful manufacturer content tailored and targeted just for them (see some great demos here).
– The retailer: Gets additional revenue which aligns with their interest of being in service to the shopper, and amplifies conversion.
– The brand/manufacturer: Reaches the right consumer at just the right time—when they want to engage with the message.

It goes without saying that the brands investing their media dollars in this opportunity are seeing great success. They’re also exposed to new ways to measure the success of these campaigns not previously available through standard display media. It’s been phenomenal partnering with some of the world’s largest brands to develop these solutions over the past year or so. These partnerships result in new observations such as Raj’s. We look forward to bringing more of these new learnings to you in the months ahead as more and more brands embrace the power of Shopping Media.

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