RichRelevance Unveils New Cross-Channel Product Innovations at Annual Summit

{rr} Labs debuts new tools to help retailers and consumer take advantage of the cross-channel experience, including a mobile shopping application and InstantShopper portal Annual Summit – Dallas, TX – September 27, 2010 –RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic e-commerce personalization for the world’s largest retailers, today announced the debut of three new cross-channel innovations fresh from {rr} Labs that help retailers take advantage of personalization, the mobile shopping revolution and the new ways consumers shop – across web, mobile and in-store. The demos, which can be seen at the RichRelevance booth (#707) at the Annual Summit, include the new ClickSee™ visual and interactive product navigation tool and the RichRecs+mobile™ iPhone application developed in concert with Sprella for Patagonia that presents shoppers with personalized product recommendations direct to their smart phone device. RichRelevance will also preview the new InstantShopper beta that exposes hundreds of relevant products across a wide variety of retailers as a shopper types in the letters of her shopping search query.

“Today’s consumers don’t interact with only a website or a catalogue, and they expect a streamlined experience no matter where they shop,” said RichRelevance Founder and CEO David Selinger. “Smart retailers are equipping themselves with the tools they need to stay nimble as consumers jump from one channel to the next – or even in multiple channels at the same time. From mobile to new product search innovations, we’re bringing the very best in cross-channel innovation to this year’s conference.”

The Best of Cross-Channel Innovation
Personalization has proven to be the most effective strategy for engaging online shoppers with a relevant experience tailored to their goals and needs. Building on RichRelevance’s industry-leading enRICH™ Personalization Engine, {rr} Labs is on the cutting-edge of multichannel retail with new applications that marry personalization with changing consumer shopping behavior. These include:

ClickSee: attendees will be able to interact with a ClickSee application and see its capabilities in displaying large numbers of products across a wide range of categories all at once. ClickSee is an interactive display and navigation tool that displays hundreds of tailored, relevant products at a glance. Using the same data modeling that supports RichRecs™ (personalized product recommendations), this interactive grid dynamically re-populates in milliseconds with each click, allowing customers to rapidly zero in on what they like or are looking for. ClickSee also promotes cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by pairing similar products with complementary merchandise and is particularly applicable to browsing highly visual merchandise—soft goods, apparel, accessories, or other verticals where taste-based purchases are predominant.

RichRecs + mobile: attendees will get the first-ever look at an iPhone shopping application that presents shoppers with personalized product recommendations on their smartphone. Featuring Patagonia Apparel, the concept will illustrate how RichRelevance’s personalization technology combined with Sprella’s mobile application platform allows shoppers to scan a barcode and immediately see relevant product information, including personalized product recommendations based on demonstrated preferences. These cross-sells or up-sells may be complementary products available in-store, or additional products that can be purchased via the mobile phone application. In addition, geo-location capabilities allow retailers to identify purchase and viewing patterns of shoppers in a particular location and recommend products best suited them. For example, a clothing retailer may present more rain-friendly products to customers in Seattle, and more warm weather clothing to customers in Florida.

RichRelevance InstantShopper: Based on the recently debuted Google Instant, RichRelevance has created an application that combines visual and text-based search to expose hundreds of relevant products at a glance, making it easy and fun to discover new products for the holiday and beyond. Now, when a consumer searches for a gift, InstantShopper identifies a relevant product category within two characters (for example, showing watch cases for “wa”) and automatically populates the display with the top sellers or most popular items among 12 leading RichRelevance client sites. The assortment continues to change as the shopper continues typing, highlighting new items that might be interesting. The new tool also shortens the path to purchase through an integrated “Add To Cart” functionality.

“The winning retailers this holiday and beyond will be the ones who don’t ignore, but embrace, the new consumer who hops between store, web and mobile,” said Ben Stefanski, Director of Catalog & Online Sales at Patagonia. “With the introduction of our new iPhone shopping application, we are embracing the way our customers want to engage with our retail and apparel brand – and putting an efficient, rewarding and fun twist on the experience.”

“The mobile channel provides endless possibilities to reach consumers – whether in-store or on the go – and retailers are looking for true innovation as they step into the new mobile world,” said Greg Whelan, Co-founder of Seattle-based Sprella. “We’ve teamed with RichRelevance to bring the best in personalization to consumers on their mobile phones and help retailers bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. We are very excited to join RichRelevance at and showcase the power of recommendations and mobile.”

About Annual Summit
The Annual Summit takes place September 27-29 in Dallas, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center. One of the largest events in the retail industry, the Summit includes educational content, an EXPO Hall, and networking opportunities for retailers.

About Patagonia
Patagonia, with sales last year of over $330M, is noted internationally for its commitment to product quality and environmental activism. Incorporating environmental responsibility in to product development, the company has, since 1996, used only organically grown cotton in its clothing line. With its most recent launch of synthetic fiber-to-fiber recycling, Patagonia is taking back worn-out polyester and nylon clothing and reincarnating it as new products, forever capturing the raw materials used in making virgin fiber. The company also advocates corporate transparency through its interactive website, The Footprint Chronicles, which outlines the environmental and social footprint of individual products. Patagonia was featured as The Coolest Company on the Planet on Fortune Magazine’s April 2007 cover.

About Sprella
Sprella helps brands and retailers build spectacular iPhone and iPad applications, designed to delight their customers, and drive sales. Sprella delivers feature-rich iPhone and iPad applications that present full product catalogs with rich descriptions, zoomable images, videos, reviews and recommendations – all designed for an enjoyable mobile usage experience. These applications enable customers to have all the information they need to make a shopping decision at their fingertips, whether at home or in-store. And when customers are ready to purchase, Sprella enables a pain-free mobile payment and checkout experience. For more information, please visit

About RichRelevance
RichRelevance is the leading provider of dynamic e-commerce personalization for the world’s largest retailers, including Wal-Mart, and Sears. Founded and led by the e-commerce expert who pioneered personalization R&D at, RichRelevance helps retailers increase revenues (over $1B in attributable sales since June 2008) by powering relevant experiences throughout the customer lifecycle and across multiple sales channels. The company stands apart for its dedicated team of personalization experts, integrated product suite, and award-winning personalization engine, which enables twice as many consumer touchpoints as the industry average. RichRelevance is located in San Francisco, with offices in Seattle and London. For more information, please visit

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